Required Documents

  1. Project Budget – Complete the project budget in the application. Quotes or estimates are encouraged and may be submitted in optional materials.
  2. Organization Budget – Supply a current annual operating budget reflecting both income and expenses for the applying organization.
  3. Certification of Tax-Exempt Status – Provide a copy of the letter from the Internal Revenue Service indicating the tax-exempt status of the applying organization. Government agencies and churches need not provide a tax-exempt letter.
  4. Governing Body – Provide a list of your governing Board members, including experience relevant to the organization.
  5. Audit Report – Provide the most recent independent audit report of the organization or fiscal year-end financial statements.
  6. IRS Form 990 – Supply a copy of the organization’s most recent IRS Form 990.
  7. Optional Materials – Additional descriptive materials may be submitted to supplement the application including a cover letter, quotes, bids or proposals and photos. Photos should portray the need for this project. All additional information must be in a single Word document or PDF file to upload.


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