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Contact the Cannon Charitable Interests for more information or with specific questions. Appointments can be scheduled as time permits.

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The Cannon House

Our office is located at 52 Spring Street NW
in Historic Downtown Concord.

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  • 704-786-8216

Mailling Address:
  • The Cannon Charitable Interests
  • Post Office Box 548
  • Concord, North Carolina 28026-0548
Deliveries Only:
  • The Cannon Charitable Interests
  • 52 Spring Street NW
  • Concord, North Carolina 28025

  • Staff:
  • Venetia Skahen, Executive Director
  • Anita Johnson, Program Officer
  • Suzanne Philemon, Program Officer
  • Eva Hill, Program Assistant
  • Jennifer Ritchie, Administrative Assistant
  • Renee Macon, Financial Assistant
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