About the Foundation

The Cannon Foundation, Inc. began in 1943, much as a corporate foundation, with giving focused on communities where Cannon Mills plants were located. Following the 1971 death of its founder, Charles A. Cannon and the subsequent sale of the Cannon Mills Company, the Foundation evolved into an independent foundation.

Virtually all giving is in North Carolina, and over the past few years has expanded from just the local area to reach from Manteo to Murphy. However, the highest priority continues to be Cabarrus County and related communities, followed by the Piedmont region, and then rural areas of North Carolina. Normally, grant requests from organizations located in the state's major metropolitan areas do not receive a high priority unless the organization serves rural areas.

Historically, the principal grant fields have been healthcare, primarily in the local area, and education, especially independent liberal arts colleges in the Piedmont and Western regions of the state. In recent years, there has been an increase in grants to human and social service programs and organizations. A limited number of grants are made in the fields of arts and culture, historic preservation and environmental concerns. Grants in the area of religion normally are reserved for local (Cabarrus County) churches and are restricted in amount.

The Foundation makes grants for capital purposes, (new construction, renovation and expansion) and projects and programs, but generally not for organizational operating expenses. It does not make grants for endowments, nor does it make multi-year pledges.

The Cannon Foundation is an independent foundation.  It is not affiliated with any company or organization.